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女人我最大 2010-04-19 Highly Recommended Slimming Soup & Cookies! HOT SELLING in Taiwan!

女人我最大 latest highly recommended slimming food is now available to order! 

Have you watched Women/Queen/Ladies First (女人我最大) on 2010-04-19? You must not miss this episode! They have really GREAT products introduced in this episode! They’re rescuing those who can’t slim down after losing 2-3kg!

Do you want to purchase the slimming food introduced by 女人我最大? Yeah, we have worked with the Taiwan company to get you the slimming food! You can eat like normal while slimming down, need not to fast and suffer at all! Just replace ur lunch with their products. And, it’s delicious, just like what 蓝心梅 said, eat until 很没有羞耻心! Why not start to place your order now?!

This is a PRE ORDER. MOQ is RM2000 per order in order for the company to send the products to me! Get your friends to order now to meet the MOQ asap! Thanks!

These items are currently HOT SELLING in Taiwan and still on reproduction stage. 1-2 days after order submitted will be processed and order will be sent out within 5 working days. Arrival in Malaysia takes 5-7 days only.
FULL PAYMENT must be made to all the slimming food recommended by 女人我最大.

The soup which u can replace your meal, less than 91kCal!

The cookies with only 10kCal per piece!

Cookies contain high collagen, 150mg! You can now be a big beauty too, while slimming!

The drinks with less than 64kCal!

The company guaranteed us that only good quality ingredients are chosen to make all their products. Vegetarians can eat and drink all these products as well!

Kindly email us at miss.youngandlovely[at]gmail.com to place your order. =)

The Soup Series contains:
- 7 packs per box, can replace up to 7 meals, 1 pack per meal.
- RM62
- 500mg Super CitriMax ® per pack, High Fibre and Soy Bean.
- NO dairy products added!
- Supplements that your body needs, eg. High Calcium and other minerals & Multi Vitamins like Vitamin D and B-complex.
- Pls choose among the 3 flavours:
A) Seafood flavor (87kCal)
B) Mushroom flavor (88kCal)
C) Sweet Corn flavor (91kCal)

The Drinks Series contains:
- 10 packs per box, can drink 1 pack when u feel hungry during tea time.
- RM53
- Low Sugar Content, High Fibre and Soy Bean.
- NO dairy products added!
- Pls choose among the 3 flavours:
A) Almond flavor (64kCal)
B) Rice Green Tea flavor (57kCal) – The Japanese Rice Green Tea
C) Soy Oats flavor (61kCal) – Soya Bean + Oats

The Cookies Series contains:
- 3 packets per box, can eat up to 6 times, half packet each time, eat when u crave for food or hungry during tea time.
- RM34.50
- Low Sugar Content, High Fibre, High Collagen (150mg).
- Fats cut down by 50% of normal cookies!
- 10kCal per piece only.
- Recommend not to eat more than 1 packet per day even though it’s too delicious!
- Cranberry flavour.