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Ready Stock Promotion!!

Hey girls, good day! I bring you GOOD NEWS, a GREAT one! =)

I'm giving discounts on selected ready stock. This promotion is ONLY applicable to purchase more than RM70 AND item(s) which that you're not buying more than 1 or 2 pieces. I have special price for certain items for purchase more than 2 or 3 pieces and also BEST DEAL!

For example, TB001 Shinning Bikini Bra, 1-2 piece(s) is RM10, 3rd pieces is RM9. So if you buy 2 pieces and your overall purchase is more than RM70, you're entitled to this promotion. So, the price for the bikini bra of 2 pieces is RM20+5% discount so you'll get RM19 for two pieces of bikini. If you buy 3 pieces, the price will be RM9*3=RM27 where there's no promotion applicable in this case.

Wholesale is available for some items, for bath gloves I'm doing right now. Some I didn't get the wholesale yet but I can get it for you if you request for it.

By the way, I'm still sorting the PRE ORDER ALBUM! They will be ready soon, hopefully by this Sunday, on the 4th as I'm rather busy lately. Really sorry for having it delayed! *thousands apologies, my dear*

This promotion starts from 1st November and lasts on 30th November. All my items are LIMITED STOCK so grab them before anyone shopped away! Shop with me today and you're entitled to discounted items, discounted postage (for more than 1.5kg), plus a FREE GIFT or two (All my customers will get, the quantity is depend on the amount of your purchase and while stock last)!